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What are the Benefits of Taking Probiotics

Probiotic are organisms similar to bacteria or yeast that improve health. They are available as foods and supplements. Unlike harmful bacteria that our body fights against, Rochway Probiotics team up with this organism to keep our bodies healthy.

Rochway Probiotics help treat anxiety. The digestive system’s health also affects the brain. Imbalances in the bacteria in the intestine can cause inflammation in the gut causing inflammatory cytokines to be released into the blood. When the cytokines cross the blood brain barrier and cause inflammation in the brain it causes symptoms of depression. Take MultiPLUS Papaya and pomegranate to help reduce gut inflammation, which will subsequently helps reduce brain inflammation and the symptoms of depression.

Improve Digestion with Probiotics

  • Our digestive systems have over 500 different types of bacteria and having the wrong balance of friendly bacteria causes digestive problems. This normally happens after taking antibiotics or having an infection. To help maintain the right balances of bacteria you can take Rochway Probiotic Pawpaw Leaf Extract. Fermented papaya products are rich in antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. The extract will help improve digestion by maintaining the right balance of friendly bacteria.

  • Intestinal problems can also arise when the lining of the intestine is compromised. Taking probiotics like Blueberry and Pawpaw Probiotic Punch will help improve intestinal function and maintain the lining of the intestine.

  • Maintaining a strong immune system. In today’s society people have good hygiene resulting in an increase in allergic and autoimmune diseases. This is because our bodies do not get challenged by pathogenic organism. By introducing friendly bacteria in the form of probiotic will challenge the immune system in healthy ways. With Rochway Immun Prolong your immune system will grow stronger.

  • Treat childhood eczema. When pregnant and breast-feeding mother’s ingested probiotics supplements it reduces the risk of eczema associate with cow milk allergy in infants. To help your child treat and prevent eczema give them a dose of Kids Olive Leaf Extract with Wild berry and MultiPLUS.

Build a Strong Immune System

Apart from Eczema probiotics also help to treat acne, dermatitis and other skin conditions. When there is inflammation in the gut, inflammation cytokines go into the blood and they cause inflammation in the skin. This inflammation can manifest itself as acne, eczema, dermitis and other skin disease. By taking Rochway Probiotics you can reduce inflammation and improve the skin. All our Rochway products are 100% natural. The papayas are produced without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

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