Rochester Ginger

This is how a Ginger Beer Should Taste

Beer is one of the best things that you can drink at a beer or just to pass the time with old friends. There are many different types of beer and all sorts of flavors from all around the world. One unique kind of beer is Rochester Ginger, who makes great ginger beer products for mass consumption. There are different kinds Rochester Ginger beers, such as light and dark ginger, but all taste great and are great additions to any party or outing you may have.

This Ginger Beer has a kick that lingers

What makes Rochester dark ginger beer so great is that it is made with an old Jamaican recipe. It is made with pure cane sugar that is infused with a generation’s old Jamaican recipe with potent Ginger that a lot of people at the island have come to love and enjoy. It is distilled to give it a powerful taste of ginger and sugar along with caramel and tartaric acid that give it a distinct taste over a lot of other beers people are probably used to.This is truly a unique beer that has to be savored and tasted to really get the full effect of it.

What is interesting about Rochester Ginger is that they also have a non-alcoholic wine as well. It is its own mix of uniqueness that also caters to an older crowd that maybe does not want to experience the alcoholic tendencies of the people around them. This wine is also noted for providing good health and comes with a lot of different wellbeing benefits.

This is Truly a Taste of Yesteryear

This is Rochester ginger at its finest in not just beer form but in wine form and class as well. It is made with a Dickensian recipe using old school methods of production that give it that traditional taste that many wine tasters would love to enjoy. It is smooth, clean, crisp, and comes with a satisfying kick that is known to linger for a while on end. You serve it at room temperature and can even mix it with whisky for the best Whisky Mac you have ever had in your life.

Keep all of this in mind when you are looking to have the night of your life and a get together you will want to remember. There are many different beers and wines out there but not many can compare nor come close to what Rochester Ginger has done for themselves.

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