My Colloidal Silver

Can Be Used to Sterilize Water

Silver has a lot of useful properties, due to which, it has also become the most sought-after metal. While we all know that silver is a favourite metal amongst the women, as they use them for making jewellery, it also has a lot of medicinal properties. Silver is used for sterilizing the recycled water aboard the space shuttles. The colloidal silver is useful for guarding against the water borne diseases like the dysentery, and other things. Due to this reason, most of the international airlines make use of the My Colloidal Silver water filters, for ensuring that the passengers remain safe.

Amazing Anti-Bacterial properties

  • It is also useful for treating the sewage plants.
  • The my colloidal silver can be sprayed upon the plants for killing the fungus, which attacks them. Also, it can be used as a disinfectant, for cleaning up homes.
  • It can also kill the larvae of mosquitoes, so it is quite useful in eradicating Malaria.
  • My Colloidal Silver can also be sprayed upon the fruits and vegetables so that they don’t become brown.
  • It is quite an effective mineral, as it has got seeped from the soils, and is quite useful for the plants.

Given below are some of the products, which contain silver:

  • Amber Glass: It is an all-purpose drug, which can be useful for eradicating bacteria. It is a must for every home, and nobody should be without it. It is available in economy bottles and travel packs.
  • Extra strength body spray: This is a true travel companion, and can help people from the stomach problems. While traveling by flights, people suffer from the airborne bacteria, which is caused due to the congestion. So, this body spray can be quite useful for providing a cool and refreshing mist. It can help in keeping the air free from germs and bacteria. Be prepared, and stay safe.
  • My Colloidal Silver Body Lotion: This is a lotion, which can provide gentle and delicate fragrance. It can be applied on the body, and will help the person in fighting against the bacteria and germs.
  • Nasal Spray: This is for the nose, and can be sprayed on the nose, for getting effective relief.

Get yourself a bottle of my colloidal silver today, which will help fight bacteria, which are air borne. Even though, you cannot eradicate all the germs and bacteria, you can at least fight against them. Be prepared and stay safe and healthy.

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