Stop Bloating and Abdominal Cramps with Lacteeze

A lot of people face problems such as Lactose intolerance. This means that they cannot digest dairy products. If they consume these products, they end up getting gas, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and other things. What does the problem actually mean?

How is the Problem Caused?

Lactose is the complex sugars that are found in the infant formulas, milk, breast milk and other dairy products. Lactase are the digestive enzymes that are found in the small intestine. These help in breaking down of the lactose in the dairy products into small sugars and glucose that can be absorbed during the digestion process. The levels of these lactase enzymes vary between the individuals and the deficiency of the same can lead to this problem. And, when this problem occurs, the lactose does not get digested and this gets broken by the bacterial activities. This produces the gas and lactic acids which results in bloating, discomfort and flatulence.

Enjoy Dairy Again with Lacteeze

Even though adults can find alternate diets if they have problems with lactose, but children are the worst affected if they have lactose intolerance. Their main staple diet is milk and milk products and if they face problems when they consume these, what will the poor things have?

Well, to remediate this problem, there is a special medicine called children’s lacteeze. These are available in the form of tablets and drops and can promote good health in the children.

Given below are some of the main features of the lacteeze:

  • It replaces the lactase enzymes in the body so that the children would be able to digest the dairy products without having to face unpleasant symptoms like the bloating, gas, cramps etc.
  • For the babies suffering from lactose intolerance, it reduces the crying time by almost 45%.
  • The mothers can continue to breastfeed the baby even if they are intolerant to lactose.
  • The children’s lacteeze is not a medicine or a drug. These are natural enzymes that are found in the digestive systems.
  • These are free of glutens, yeasts, preservative, dairy products and other artificial colours.
  • These can be safely given to the kids from their birth onwards.
  • There are special strength tablets which can be given to kids between the age of 2 and 12.
  • These can be chewed and have a lovely strawberry flavour.

Ease Symptoms Immediately

So, with the help of children’s lacteeze, the kids will get remedy from the lactose intolerance. These should be given before giving the dairy products. But, the effects of these tablets is temporary and will be there for only about an hour.

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