Foot Detox Patches

Detox while you Sleep - Foot Detox Patches

The use of foot detox patches is a currently hotly debated topic in the medical community. What is listed in this article is simply an accounting of one of the manufacturers of those patches.

These particular foot patches were especially made to help your body to remove toxins, toxic metals and certain chemicals by stimulating reflexology areas. As you sleep or rest with these pads on the soles of your feet they will cleanse your body by removing those toxic materials. It is believed in some ancient healing art that there are points on the bottoms of your feet that can promote certain corresponding organs and systems within our bodies that can be stimulated to stimulate, detoxify and energize those organs.

Feel Better with Foot Detox Patches

On a daily basis you are being loaded up with chemicals with every breath you take and whatever you are putting into your body. The air, your intake of food and the area in which you are living are building up these toxins. The longer they stay in there the more prone you could be to having bad health issues down the road.

If you have any of the following conditions currently you should give foot detox patches a try. They may help to cleanse your body and should make you feel better very soon.

  • Poor Circulation
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Swings
  • Bad Breath
  • Stiff Muscles
  • Poor Circulation
  • Poor Skin Tone
  • Digestion Problems

The best way to use the foot detox patches is to apply one to each foot on the sole prior to going to bed either every night or every other night. In the morning when you arise simply peel them off and discard them in the trash. Once you have reached a point where the pads no longer have discoloration your toxin load is being diminished.

Detox Naturally

Cleansing your entire system could take as long as 12 months. However you will begin noticing an improvement within weeks of beginning the use of the foot detox patches. After you have cleansed your system it is suggested that you keep on a maintenance program. To do that all you have to do is apply the patches about once a week to maintain your ‘cleansed’ status from then on.

The foot detox patches will help to keep your body as toxin free as possible and when you maintain the regime you will feel less stressful, have less anxiety and fatigue plus you should notice an increase in your energy and vitality. Plus you will have as healthier immune system.

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