Byron Bay Ear Candles

Remove unwanted Earwax

What are ear candles exactly? How do they work? What do they do? Continue reading, and these questions will be answered.

What are ear candles?
Byron Bay Ear Candles are an alternative type of medicinal healing, dating back hundreds of years.

In the beginning, ear candles were used by Indian tribes as a method of relaxation, healing, and a certain type of cleansing. After a little bit of time, it was discovered that after the removal of ear candles from the subject’s ear, the hollow candle was filled with earwax like substance. After a few more tests and trials, it was found out that the Byron Bay Ear Candles were not only relaxing and healing the people they were used on, they were also extracting and sucking up earwax and other toxins that could be found in the ear.

Cotton Swabs may Damage your Ear Drums

That discovery led Byron Bay Ear Candles to a whole new world of ear cleaning methods. Now, it is a well-known common fact that sometimes using normal cotton swabs as an attempt to clean out your ears is not the best idea. Using normal cotton swabs is a quick and easy way to damage the inside of your ear, mainly the eardrum. The usual cotton swabs that we all know also do not do a very good job at cleaning out the wax found in ears; mostly all they do is just push the earwax and other toxins deeper inside the ear! That can’t be a good thing, right? It isn’t, not in the slightest bit. Damaging the eardrum can lead to many issues involving the ear.

Remove Toxins from your Ears

Damaging the eardrum in any way can lead to early deafness, an immense amount of pain, and having ringing in your ears more often. Who wants that? It’s better to avoid the risk of damaging the ear altogether, and trying a new alternative; ear candles. Not only will all the earwax and toxins be extracted and removed from the ear, using ear candles will also help you to feel relaxed and completely calm. Another upside to ear candling, ear candles has been proven to help to heal and prevent sinus infections. Byron Bay Ear Candles are used by many people across the world as a gentle and all natural home remedy for relaxation, meditation and all around wellbeing, mentally and physically.

Create a Relax Environment

Byron Bay Ear Candles work by literally sucking out all of the wax and toxins out of the ear canal. The ear candle is first placed into the person’s ear, and then it is lit. It may sound scary, but it really isn’t. Before the Byron Bay Ear Candles is lit, a paper towel of a paper plate is slid down to the bottom of the candle so that no hot wax or ashes may land on the person’s ear. Once the ear candle is lit, it is allowed to burn for maybe 5 to 10 centimeters, and is then blown out. The heat from the flame on the ear candle works almost as a vacuum, sucking out all of the earwax and other possible pollutants found in the ear canal, leaving the subject with a nice and clean ear, and a relaxed state of mind.

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