Bug-Grrr Off

Protect your Health with Bug-Grrr Off Insect Repellent

What is it you remember most about the camping trips of your youth? How utterly dark and quiet it is at night when you are far away from the city? The beauty of unspoiled nature? The smell of moist earth and leaves? The singing of frogs as the last lights of dusk fades away? The companionship of good friends around the campfire? That is what you remember now, but most likely, when you returned from your camping trip, the next few days were miserable, because you were covered from head to toe in insect bites.

Love Nature, Hate Insect Bites

Insect repellent makes outdoor activities a lot more enjoyable. Before modern insect repellents, people used to get so many bug bites that lesions would appear even in spots where the insects had not bitten, and mosquito-borne diseases were a big problem. Modern insect repellents do a great job of keeping insects away, but they are terrible for the environment. The insect repelling ingredient in today’s leading commercial insect repellents is diethyltoluamide (DEET), which was first made in 1944, and which provided American soldiers stationed in Southeast Asia with protection from biting insects and the diseases they carried. DEET is a highly effective insect repellent, but it is also very toxic. A study showed that workers at Everglades National Park had more mood disturbances and lower cognitive function the more they had been exposed to DEET. While the amounts in which most people use DEET are usually not enough to cause illness, a form of non-toxic natural insect protection is preferable, especially since the DEET from insect repellents pollutes the environment and kills lots of harmless insects, fish, and small mammals.

Australia’s Natural Insect Protection - Bug-Grrr Off

Bug-Grrr Off is an Australian made, DEET-free insect repellent that offers natural insect protection and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The active ingredient in Bug-Grrr Off is PMD, a compound extracted from Australia’s own lemon-scented eucalyptus plant. The tree does a great job of protecting itself from insects, and we have harnessed its natural insect protection properties. Other ingredients in Bug-Grrr Off include aloe, chamomile, and cucumber, all of which are refreshing for your skin. Bug-Grrr off has a delicate, pleasant smell and is suitable both for adults and for children as young as one year of age. Bug-Grrr Off is available as a spray and is also available as a roll-on stick.

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