TRX2 Molecular Food Supplement for Hair 90 Capsules

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TRX2 Molecular Food Supplement for Hair 90 Capsules

Since 2009, the TRX2® formula has become the most trusted and credible European food supplement for addressing hair loss. Developed in Oxford (United Kingdom) by a team of scientists, this consumer-friendly product encapsulates – literally – the latest Oxford-based scientific knowledge on molecular mechanisms.

TRX2 Molecular Food Supplement for Hair – addresses thinning hair from inside, these patent-pending topical solutions help to maintain healthy hair from the outside.

The TRX2 natural hair loss treatment is specifically designed for patients suffering from the early stages of hair loss.

Benefits of TRX2 products include:

The cessation of hair loss

The promotion of hair growth – including the frontal/temple area

Visibly stronger & thicker hair


TRX2 Molecular Food Supplement for Hair is the first hair loss treatment to contain Potassium, Carnipure™ tartrate (L-carnitine – L-tartrate), BCAA and nicotinamide, delivered via a proprietary potassium channel-stimulating complex.

The patent pending TRX2 is a 100% natural, drug-free food supplement designed to provide hair follicles with the specific compounds needed to promote healthy, natural hair growth.


Take 3 capsules per day with food. You may take all 3 capsules together or at separate times.