OxyMin Gold (Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals) 500ml

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OxyMin Gold (Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals) 500ml

OxyMin Gold is a full spectrum organic colloidal mineral supplement containing a natural assortment of more than 70 plant-derived minerals in nature's best balance.

These minerals come from The Rockland Corporation - the world's largest producer of colloidal minerals, as noted by Dr Joel Wallach in his best-selling health book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". OxyMin Gold are one of the strongest concentrations available on the market today.

'Healthful, disease free longevity requires unlimited access to adequate levels of all 90 essential nutrients, including unique natural sources of plant derived colloidal minerals - rare earths.' as stated by Dr Joel D Wallach and Dr Ma Lan - authors of Rare Earths Forbidden Cures. Even though we may be eating 'the right diet' with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, we are still at risk of mineral deficiencies.

To begin with,...if the minerals ain't in the soil.....they simply ain't in the food!
Not to mention poor farming methods, processing, storing and heating of foods all contribute to destroying vital nutrients. This can lead to deficiency diseases, such as osteoporosis, which is the result of deficiencies in calcium and/or boron. A deficiency in bismuth can manifest as stomach ulcers. A tin deficiency may manifest as baldness. Low blood pressure could be a sign of a chromium and/or vanadium deficiency and if neglected long enough, can lead to diabetes. The bad news continues,...however help is at hand!

Organic plant derived colloidal minerals are almost 100 percent absorbable, unlike rock minerals or even chelated minerals. In liquid form, they are easy for the whole family to take. Many people report increased energy when taking OxyMin® Gold, others say long term aches and pains disappear, .....some say they tan better, have less dental plaque, less allergies, more vitality....the list goes on.....We look forward to hearing your positive results!



  • contains 77 plant derived organic colloidal minerals
  • easy to take liquid supplement - suitable for the whole family
  • plant derived colloidal minerals are negatively charged and non-toxic
  • naturally contains fulvic acid


  • Each 500ml contains 18 000mg+ of a natural assortment of major and trace minerals
  • Daily Serving Suggestion: Best taken with meals once or twice per day
  • 5ml per 35 kg body weight, diluted in water or your favourite fruit or vegetable juice