OxyMin Fresh Pure Diatomic Oxygen Spray 100ml

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OxyMin Fresh Pure Diatomic Oxygen Spray 100ml

OxyMin Fresh contains OxyMin Plus Liquid Oxygen is now available in a convenient spray bottle so you can take it with you everywhere.

OxyMin Fresh is a liquid solution which contains intact oxygen molecules ready for immediate absorption.

Disease causing microbes cannot live in an oxygen environment making OxyMin Fresh an excellent broad spectrum anti-microbial disinfectant.

Balanced to the pH of the body (approx 8), OxyMin Fresh is totally non-toxic and safe to use directly on the skin.

  • Excellent as a skin toner: Spray directly on face morning and night after cleansing
  • ReFresh your face with a spray anytime through the day.
  • Freshen your breath by spraying directly in your mouth to prevent mouth bacteria. Can be sprayed on your toothbrush before brushing.
  • Spray on as an aftershave lotion to prevent shaving rash
  • Spray directly to minor cuts, bites and stings.
  • Totally safe: No toxicity to humans or animals
  • May be used both internally and externally
  • Stabilised diatomic molecules of bio-available oxygen
  • In base of ultra pure water containing naturally occurring trace minerals and Atlantic sea salt.
Directions for use:

Hold bottle upright and spray directly on selected areas as many times as desired.