Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Cacao Choc 1KG

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Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Cacao Choc 1KG

Our raw, non-dairy protein contains a unique combination of bio-fermented living ingredients, to deliver an easily digestible blend that tastes awesome! With the sprouted goodness of certified organic brown rice, certified organic pea protein, Aquamin (Red Algae) and high vitamin D mushroom powder this potent formula provides a complete amino acid profile and a perfect fat to carbohydrate ratio for maximum absorption.

Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Cacao Choc power packed protein contains essential vitamins and minerals - iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, manganese, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C, folate and zinc!

Are you and family just surviving? Are you finding it hard to fit nutritious food into a time poor lifestyle? Is your system gummed up from eating average food on the go? What if you could improve nutrition, reduce inflammation, heal the gut and help detoxify your body in a couple of minutes each day?

Here at Nutra Organics we believe every person has the right to THRIVE! Enter Thriving Protein - a wholefood powder built from quality, nutritious, vegan ingredients that promotes growth & energy.

Simply its REAL food REAL fast!

Why not energise, metabolise and rebuild with Thriving Protein.

Why not give your body what it needs to THRIVE today.

Thriving Protein - wholefood for the whole family.

Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Cacao Choc Ingredients:

Certified Organic Sprouted Pea Protein Isolate, Certified Organic Cacao Powder, Certified Organic Whole Brown Rice Milk Powder, Certified Organic Sprouted Whole Brown Rice Protein Isolate, Flaxseed Meal, Aquamin (Lithothamnion calcareous) - Natural Calcium Source, Bio-Fermented Sprout Blend (Mung Beans, Brown Rice, Red Lentils, Chick Peas, Linseed, Alfalfa Seed, Millet, Quinoa, Filtered Water), Natural Cacao Extract, Chia Seed Meal, Apple Pectin, Certified Organic Wholefood Herbal Extract Blend (Certified Organic Curry, Guava, Lemon, Amla, Holy Basil & Annatto Extracts), Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin), High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder.