Nature's Goodness Goji Berry Juice Blend 500ml

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Nature's Goodness Goji Berry Juice Blend 500ml

Goji Berries are one of the most nutritious fruit on earth. They contain 18 amino acids and all essential amino acids including isoleucine and tryptophan.

The Goji berry contains over 20 trace minerals including zinc, copper, calcium, iron, selenium and germanium. Goji berries are richest source of carotenoids, including beta carotene (more beta carotene than carrots), of all known foods.

They contain 500 times the amount of vit C, by weight, than oranges. Goji berries contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, vit E and many other phytonutrients including polysaccharides. Goji berries , or wolfberry, (Lycium barbarum) have long played important roles in traditional Chinese medicine, where they are believed to enhance immune system function, improve eyesight, protect the liver, boost sperm production, and improve circulation, among other claims.

They can be eaten raw, consumed as juice or wine, brewed into a tea. The berries are also used in traditional Korean medicine, traditional Japanese medicine, and traditional Tibetan medicine. The leaves are also sometimes used as a tea.[38] Goji berries polysaccharides show antioxidant activity. Wolfberry fruits also contain zeaxanthin, an important dietary carotenoid .

Several published studies, mostly from China, have also reported possible potential benefits against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.