Megaburn N Acetyl L-Carnitine 200g

0.25 kg
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L-Carnitine is a physiological substance, essential for producing energy and for fat metabolism. It helps transport fatty acids into energy producing units in the cells. It promotes normal growth and development, helps build muscle and can increase strength and endurance. This amino acid may provide support to the liver, kidneys and muscles while enhancing the effectiveness of antioxidant vitamins C and E.

Our body does produce L-Carnitine but it is never enough to keep us at our healthiest. L-Carnitine aids in fat loss by assisting in using fat as fuel, it also extends stamina and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid. L-Carnitine may refresh mental energy, improve mood and slow the ageing of brain cells. It may also energise and balance our central nervous system as a whole whilst strengthening our defences against infections and immune problems.

  • May provide effective weight loss support
  • May reduce symptoms of fatigue
  • May promote cardiac health
  • May improve liver function
  • May increase immune cell activity
  • May accelerate muscle regeneration


L-Carnitine – Pure Amino Acid.