Ceres Organics Rolled Oats Quick Cooking 600g

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Ceres Organics Rolled Oats Quick Cooking 600g

Oats are nutrient-rich grains packed with the natural goodness of wholegrain and dietary fibre. They have a pleasant, nutty flavour that makes for a delicious breakfast cereal and a great baking ingredient.

Ceres Organics Rolled Oats Quick Cooking 600g

At Ceres Organics we like our food wholesome and pure. So our Wholegrain Oats are just that – no "nasty" stuff added. Now you can enjoy the delicious flavour and nourishing goodness of oats the natural way.

Oats are well known for their nutritional benefits, having high levels of dietary fibre. Their subtle nutty deliciousness makes the perfect base for your breakfast cereals, as well as a versatile baking ingredient.

Whip up a porridge by adding your favourite milk. Just use double the amount of liquid to oats, bring to the boil and simmer for around 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Throw in some fresh fruit before serving. Or, use as a base for your own bircher muesli. Just add other flakes, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Soak overnight and serve with grated apple and yoghurt.


Certified Organic Whole Grain Oats


Pack includes an oxygen absorber to maintain freshness. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Oats from Canada, packed in NZ

Allergen disclaimer:

May contain wheat and gluten. Packed on the same line as products containing tree nuts and sesame seeds.