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No Harmful Substances

Shoppers are quickly growing mindful of the harmful effects being exposed to chemical substances and poisons that appear in everyday makeups. Zuii Organic is a Certified Organic Makeup brand and has been accredited by various European and international official bodies that test and certify makeup products. Zuii Cosmetics was created from our vision of the love of nature plus organics versus many uncertified cosmetics or mineral makeups, at Zuii Organic all of our cosmetics are organic-certified and meet international qualifications for every ingredient we use in our products. This prevents harmful ingredients from being used inside our makeup formulas.

Zuii cosmetics was also Globally accepted and was granted one of the highest awards - BDIH & COSMOS - acong with remaining Cruelty Free, Halal, and Vegan friendly status. Never will Zuii cosmetics ever use harmful or toxic chemicals, fillers or preservatives. We are pleased every ingredient we use and are delighted to share this information via our “Full Ingredient Disclosure”. Zuii Organic only uses the purest of ingredients, which is why we trust Zuii cosmetics is one of the best Certified Organic Cosmetics in the entire world! Instead of worrying about dangerous chemicals - share our feeling of ‘wearing flowers on your face’.

Only use the Purest Ingredients

Zuii Cosmetics has an ongoing process of developing innovative products which includes arduous testing to allow customers to experience quality makeup without dangerous chemicals. All the materials used to formulate our amazing cosmetic products are in fact beneficial for the skin and contain valuable properties that will help protect and nourish the skin. We create highly pigmented colours and fuller coverage because Zuii Organics does not use talc based additives or dilute down its formulas to extend their products. We can’t wait for you to see the colour intensity and staying power of these organic cosmetics!

Colour Your Life! And join us on the journey to a healthier planet!

Zuii Organics Makeup is available at natural health organics online store

Zuii Cosmetics Promotes a Green Lifestyle

Our commitment to you is that you will not find any of the ingredients below in our products.
No petro-chemicals or other synthetic ingredients
No animal bi-products (Zuii also never tests on animals!)
No talc-powder
No Chemicals like Polyethylene Glycol
No synthetic colour components or fragrances
No Sodium Laureth Sulphate
No harmful parabens or other preservatives
No nano particles

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