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Zito Organic Pasta Sauce Maintains Tradition

Born into a long line of Sicilian cooks, Santo Zito was brought into the world on 1936. Zito was raised in an average conventional Italian home. Many hours, even days, would be given to preparing food, whether for a weekend banquet or a party. Santo would regularly observe his grandma and mother in the kitchen preparing Organic Pasta Sauces from recipes that had been passed down from generations. Just like many Italian families, cooking itself was a prized family tradition. Santo soon learned that just the plump, sweet tomatoes that had ripened in the warm Sicilian sun and grown in rich earth were good enough for his nanna's pasta sauces. The truth is, only natural ingredients picked from the earth were contained in any home cooking. "At that time everything was all-natural and organic," describes Santo.

Authentic and Traditional Italian Pasta Sauces

Santo needed to pass these conventional, all-natural recipes onto others in an efficient and quick way that enabled them to appreciate the meals he'd grown up with as a boy. In the 1960s, Santo was set on developing the first frozen pizza, and created the freshest Zito organic tomato sauce possible during the process. Shortly after, Santo created the first all-natural whole wheat pasta to reach the shelves in America.

Since that time, Santo has not ceased in his growing enterprise – in fact the opposite is quite true! The cooking doctrine he grew up with, of using all-natural, fresh, organic-grown ingredients, continues to underline every recipe and every product Zito Organic Pasta Sauce produces.

Zito Organic Brings a Touch of Sicily to your Dinner Table

In his hunt for the best tomato sauce, Santo found the rich volcanic land of Mount Etna on the North eastern side of Sicily created a completely distinct style of tomato and studied many places throughout Italy. The land is not easy to work, being a mixture of sand and volcanic soils, but it results in special-tasting tomatoes that have a delicate yet complex flavour. Hard working free trade farmers negotiate the steep terrain to pick the tomatoes and care for them. After several years of harvesting there still exist some really old vines that continue to produce some of the most flavourful and juicy tomatoes around Sicily. It's this difference that is the reason behind the awards Zito Organic pasta sauces and tomato past products have won, and what sets Zito pasta sauces apart from the rest.

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