Suttons Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Minerals, A product that no home should be without!

Did you know that Sutton's Colloidal Silver can aid in the elimination of bacteria, viruses and fungi, calm the symptoms and severity of Bali-Belly, diarrhoea and other nasty illnesses. Around the house it can also be used as a natural deodorant, water purification, to treat grazes, burns, kills odours and as a preservative. Sutton's Colloidal Silver is a product that no home should be without!

Colloidal Silver has Amazing anti-bacterial properties

Sutton's Colloidal Silver is formed through the electrolysis of 99.99% fine silver in deionised, reverse osmosis filtrated "pure" living spring water. These tiny particles of silver suspended in the water have amazing anti-bacterial properties.

Allan Sutton's Colloidal Silver is a pure grade colloidal silver of the highest quality and is the largest supplier of colloidal silver in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Sutton's is an Australian owned family business. and all their products are available from Natural Health Organics

The Anti bacterial properties of Silver

Silver has been known as a bactericide since ancient times. It was known to prevent disease and was commonly used by royal families for their kitchen utensils and cutlery. As a result they enjoyed much lower incidence of infectious disease than the commoners who were frequently sick. Suttons Colloidal Silver was also used as a preservative, Silver coins were dropped into milk to prevent spoilage and silver containers were used to store food. Until almost 1970, scientists would sterilize petrii dishes by placing a silver coin in them and silver was long used for plates for the surgical repair of bones.

All Allan Sutton's Colloidal Silver products can be purchased from Natural Health Organics Online Store

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