Shady Maple Syrup

This Popular Sweetener is a Must for Breakfast

Maple Syrup has been used in many parts of the world as an addition to a variety of different dishes, as the sweet, sticky nectar that is maple syrup makes a great addition to many breakfast foods, and can be used for other types of cooking, such as smoking meat and many other types of cooking. Unlike many other types of maple syrup that use artificial ingredients in order to give the syrup a sweet flavor, there is no type of artificial syrup that will ever be able to compare to true, natural maple syrup.

In order to provide you with the highest quality natural maple syrup, Shady Maple Farm Organic Maple Syrup has been created. Shady Maple Farm Organic Maple Syrup is made with completed organic, all natural ingredients that give the maple syrup a rich, organic taste that is perfect for cooking, or mixing into many different types of teas and other drinks.

Claimed to be Healthier than Sugar

Maple syrup was originally found by the Native Americans, which would harvest the maple syrup to use for cooking, and smoking many different types of animal meat. After the invention of the tree sap tap, many different settlers would tap into maple trees in order to receive the sticky, sweet syrup and collect it in buckets. The maple syrup would then be sold in general stores, and used in the homes of each of the settlers who harvested the maple syrup.

Pan Cakes and Maple Syrup Sounds Yummy

With the invention of many different technologies, the collection of maple syrup was made much easier, and more amounts could be collected on a yearly basis. In order to collect the sap and begin the process of turning it into maple syrup, Shady Maple Farm uses a complex system of vacuum tubes that draw the sap from the maple trees, which then push the sap into the sugar shack. Once the sap has entered the sugar shack, the sap is processed in order to turn the sap into maple syrup.

Once the Shady Maple Farm Organic Maple Syrup has been created and packaged, it is then sent to you, the consumer, in order to ensure that the syrup is incredibly fresh and completely untouched. This method provides you with completely natural, all organic maple syrup. Next time you use maple syrup, don't settle for artificial flavoring. Instead, purchase Shady Maple Farm Organic Maple Syrup and go the all-natural way!

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