Taste the Unique Blends of Indian Food

There are plenty of different types of cuisines that are tasty and good for you. One of those foods just so happens to be Pattu. Pattu Indian cuisine is great for your health and can increase your vitality throughout your life. It is a natural, healthy, organic food that tastes great and is growing in popularity in America. There are different types of Pattu Indian cuisine such as aloo mutter, baingan bharta, eggplant curry, and bhindi masala. The list goes on and on for the different types of foods there are and you really have your options cut out for you.

Gluten Free Indian Food Meals

What makes a lot of these Pattu foods so great is that they are quick to make and are gluten free. These meals can be made in a few minutes and are ready to get. They are all traditional vegetarian Indian dishes that have a vast range of tastes and health qualities. Natural Health Organics is a great health natural food store online that provides a broad variety of products. Pattu just so happens to be one of those brands. Pattu is a South Indian and Sri Lankan breakfast dish of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut. Inside the country of India in the state of Kerala it is very popular as well as throughout the area of Sir Lanka, and it can be served with side dishes ssuch as palm sugar or chickpea curry or banana. Pattu means portioned in Tamil and it describes the different portions Pattu comes with or can come with. The ingredients are mainly consisted of coarsely ground rice, grated coconut and water. It can be spiced with cumin, which is the most popular option, but it can also have other spices included with it. The main variant when making Pattu is wheat flour or red rice-flour without cumin.

Great Substitute from your Everyday Meal

There are plenty of different ways to make Pattu and the fact that it is also a healthy option makes it increasingly popular. Usually, when it comes to curry and other Indian dishes, it is only popular inside the country of India but Americans are always looking for more ways to try different foods and more ways to try out healthy options and styles. Pattu Indian cuisine is just one of the many new dishes taking form and it is a great substitute for other foods of the day such as burgers or hot dogs. Give Pattu a try and see for yourself why it has lasted the test of time.

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