Tantalise your Taste Buds and add Passion to a Meal

To make your dishes appealing and tasty, you should use a wide variety of sauces. These sauces will make sure that your dishes taste out of the world. Have you ever tried the range of Nandos Sauces? If not, you have been missing something. Check out their lovely range of sauces and you would be enthused to fill your kitchen with them.

Nando's is actually quite famous for the legendary flame-grilled and butterfly-cut PERi PERi chicken. The PERi PERi Sauce from Nandos is quite popular. These Nandos sauces combine the flavour with differing degrees of heat. This will not only satisfy the flavour profile of the beginners, but will also suit the palate of the fiery heat desirers.

Sauces for Every occassion

Nandos Lemon and Herb PERi PERi: This is a fantastic sauce, which has the taste of fresh herbs and sun-dried and ripened lemons. It can add the flavour to any dish, along with a dash of heat.

Mild PERi PERi: It is just perfect for the families. This will add the flavour without much burning. You can use them over grilled mushrooms, asparagus or as a side dish for steaks.

Nandos Garlic PERi PERi: If you love the taste of garlic, you will surely love this sauce. It has loads of Garlic and you will find the taste in every bite. Surely, you can add a pinch of this sauce to all your dishes.

Portuguese Prego Steak: This sauce has all the onion, garlic, vinegar, spices and some specially selected herbs. Of course, there is also a tinge of African Bird's eye chilli. Even the list of ingredients are making your mouth water, is it? This sauce can be really addictive and you would want to add them to all your dishes. It is thick and creamy sauce and will make your taste buds come alive.

Ignite the Passion Enjoy the Taste

Most of Nandos sauces are mouth watering and absolutely creamy. They are vegetarian and do not contain any artificial colours or flavours. They also do not have any Mono Sodium Gultamate. So, these are absolutely safe for children, pregnant ladies and every body else.

All these sauces taste awesome with baked potatoes, green salads, pasta and roasted vegetables. Just fill your kitchen with all these varieties of Nandos sauces. And, depending upon your mood, you can use the sauce that you want, each day. You will have your family and guests licking their fingers and spoons, even after finishing their dishes.

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