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Taste the Spectacular flavour of Vine Grown Tomatoes

There are many different ways that one can cook food to make it more delicious and still eat healthy meals. There are some people who love spicy food and sauces. Muir Glen Organic salsa and sauce products can be used in different cuisines and dishes. If you love spicy foods, these products are the best for your taste buds. The Muir Glen Organic sauce products also exist in spicy or mild forms to suit every one’s taste.

Superb Diced and Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Peppers are used in the preparation of the much loved salsa. Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes are used to make sauces. They can be diced, roasted or peeled to include different tastes and flavours. You can also get tomato paste that is great for cooking different types of foods. Salsa products are great for people who are also watching their weight. This is because they have no fat and the pepper assists in burning calories.

Families and restaurants have different recipes that can be combined with Muir Glen Organic salsa or sauce. The taste depends on the amount of pepper, herbs and tomatoes that are used.

Full of Zest Salsa and Pasta Sauces

Here are some other uses of Muir Glen Organic salsa and sauce products:

1. Pasta dishes: This is one of the most popular ways to use salsa and sauce. They can be used as pasta topping or mixed with the pasta. Pastas come in different lengths and sizes. The amount of salsa and sauce used depends on the recipe and the serving. To add more flavour, you can add extra chillies.

2. Potato dishes: Many people love potatoes. There are different ways to cook potatoes such as potato pies, potato dumplings and mashed potatoes. Salsa and sauce is also great as a snack dip for chips, fries and other potato foods. The sauce can be mixed with sour cream or with natural yogurt.

3. Pizza: You cannot make pizza without tomatoes. They can be used as diced, paste, grilled or roasted. Sauces make the pizza better tasting and also add colour and flavour. Those who love spicy food can add salsa as topping.

4. Sea food: Salsa can be used for basting before grilling sea food. People who love shrimp can add sauces during stir frying.

5. Salsa and sauce products for bread dishes such as meat loaf.

6. Meat, fish and poultry dishes: scrambled eggs and omelette taste great with salsa or sauce.

7. Salsa and sauces are also great for vegetable salads. They are also used as topping. You can mix different vegetables depending on your taste.

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