Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes

When you think of a toothbrush or a hairbrush, you do not think or buying an organic product in that category. Normally, you just go for a brush or toothbrush that has bristles strong enough for your hair and you are done with it. There are, however, even natural alternatives to products such as those.

There is a company by the name of Mieco that specializes in natural health alternatives to these common household products. This company makes a product called an Mieco Eco Toothbrush and it is a bamboo toothbrush that has enhanced natural bristles that provide a functional, efficient way of cleaning your mouth that a lot of other companies cannot provide. The handle is made of bamboo, which is where its special properties of becoming a bamboo toothbrush come from, and this type of brush is environmentally sustainable.

Hair Brushes Made from Bamboo

The toothbrush itself is made of high quality due to how the toothbrush is made and you are able to grip the toothbrush in a way that other toothbrushes would slip out of and the bristles provide strength and enhanced quality that you would be fortunate enough to use.

If you are in need of a hair brush, they make a bamboo hair brush that is gentle on the hair and scalp, great for styling and detangling, restoring hair balance and shine, anti-static, lightweight, anti-bacterial, and even provides you with ergonomic handling. When you are able to become accustomed to using a Mieco bamboo hair brush, you are getting a product that is not wood or plastic in the sense that you get great craftsmanship and high quality work that is not fine in many other products on the market.

This Mieco bamboo hair brush is stronger and lighter than other brushes and is really a fantastic way to meet your haircare needs.

Remove Stains with Oxygen Bleach

One last thing that Mieco makes is oxygen bleach. This oxygen bleach is a natural and organic way of cleaning and removing stains from your clothes whenever you need to use it. It is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and it provides you with no harmful side-effects or by products that other detergents can list. Mieco Oxygen bleach can even be mixed and used with other cleaners that you have around the house and it will not weak your fabrics in your clothes. Be on the lookout for any of these products if you are looking for natural alternatives to the most common of products.

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