Manuka Gold Manuka Honey

Contains Antioxidants and Boosts the Immune System

Manuka Gold Honey is manufactured in rural areas in New Zealand in a completely unpolluted environment. The Maoris have been using this honey since centuries to keep the digestive system active and balanced. Several researches have proved that this honey has a lot of unique properties which are not found in any other brand of honey. This special feature is the Unique Manuka Factor. Each and every batch of Manuka Gold Honey is tested thoroughly for guaranteeing this feature. Manuka honey is hundred percent pure honey from New Zealand. During the manufacturing procedure, the natural and most useful benefits of the honey are retained. It is fit to be consumed for general health purpose.

In the process of manufacturing this honey, no bees or any other creature are harmed. Manuka Gold is the brand which is committed to ensure and maintain the well being of the bees.

Can be Used as a Antiseptic to Treat Wounds

Benefits of Gold Manuka Honey
Manuka Gold honey is not like any other honey. The popularity and importance is rising day by day because of the uses and benefits it offers to its users: Before going to the benefits of the honey, it's important to know about the unique factor of Manuka Honey. Commonly called the UMF, this term can be defined as a scale for measuring the state of anti bacterial strength of the supply of a particular honey. The minimum rating of UMF which is required for certified therapy is ten plus.

While all other brands of honey have similar amount of antioxidants and boost the immune system of the body. Manuka Gold Honey is known to be superior to all other honeys. Initially it was used as antiseptic to treat wounds. But now the uses of Manuka Honey are being recognised in a number of health related problems as well. Some of the health issues include diabetes, cancer, system inflammation, ear and eye infections, gastrointestinal issues, etc.

Although the professionals of health care suggest Manuka Gold Honey for a number of benefits.

Below are some of important benefits of this honey:

Improved digestion
A busy life style leads to an erratic and irregular food habits. This might make you feel bloated and uneasy because of various issues such as indigestion, acid re-flux, irritable movements of the bowel, ulcers, etc.

Helps relieve the Symptoms of Indigestion

Skin problems
Applying Manuka Gold Honey on the skin will provide natural and speedy recovery for all skin related problems such as wounds, insects bite, burns, eczema, etc. It's also quite helpful in relieving sun burn as well as in removing scars. This honey offers relief to people having acne issues as it works as a very good and effective cleanser for the skin. It works as an anti inflammatory oxidant and does not harm the natural skin oils.

Carbohydrates which are main source for providing energy to the body are also present in this honey. Manuka Gold Honey provides temporary boost to the body as it has unadulterated and pure carbohydrates. For best results it is suggested to combine it with carbohydrates found in whole wheat bread, fibre cereals, etc for long lasting effects.

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