Magnesium and Calcium

Calcium and Magnesium Powder for Building Strong Bones

Increase your body’s strength and endurance, with stronger and healthier bones and muscles. Natural Health Organics offers an array of calcium and magnesium supplements to supply the body’s need for these two vital minerals required for optimum musculoskeletal function.

How important is magnesium?

  • The main energy source for all cells in the body is ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is important for cell reproduction. In order to be activated, ATP requires magnesium ions.

  • It is an important building block for the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

  • It is a macro mineral greatly needed for better regulation of our body’s electrolyte levels. Calcium, for instance, needs magnesium so it can be absorbed better. Calcium deficiency is almost always attributed to magnesium deficiency. Together, they enhance bone and muscle health (especially the cardiac muscles).

  • It is necessary for the control of blood glucose levels, breakdown of fats, regulation of cholesterol, blood pressure control, and overall cardiovascular and circulatory health.

  • One of the most important enzyme co-factors is magnesium. It is vital for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body that are controlled by enzymes (e.g., food digestion, breakdown of nutrients). Enzymes need co-factors to work well — like when to start or stop their activities. Without co-factors, enzymes can go out of control. Malfunction of just one type of enzyme (out of the thousands inside our body) can be fatal to humans.

Calcium, being the most important biological element for bone and teeth mineraliszation, is also in charge of the following significant body processes:

  • Normal blood clotting
  • Proper muscle contraction and relaxation (including the heart muscles)
  • Effective neurotransmission
  • Activation of important enzymes
  • Hormone stimulation

Gluten-Free and Preservative-Free Calcium and Magnesium Powder

Food is our best source of calcium and magnesium. Dark-green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, organic coconut oil, and milk are just some of the greatest sources of these two minerals. However, some of these sources have to undergo processing for commercial distribution. During processing, their overall nutrient content greatly diminishes. We may not be getting enough of these minerals if we solely depend on what we eat. Supplements then, are necessary.

Natural Health Organics’ all-natural calcium and magnesium powder supplements are guaranteed preservative-free and gluten-free, making them ideal for gluten-sensitive or gluten-intolerant individuals, especially those suffering from coeliac disease. Colloidal minerals which also offer various health benefits to humans are also available in our online store.

Prevent Osteoporosis with Calcium and Magnesium Powder

Why suffer from osteoporosis, if you can prevent it? With our available calcium and magnesium supplements, you can maintain healthy bones and muscles even as you age, and be free from the unpleasant effects of osteoporosis.

On top of quality mineral supplements that help you prevent bone and muscle problems associated with ageing, Natural Health Organics also offers natural and organic sources of antioxidants in the form of juices. Our cherry juices helps decrease signs of ageing and are awesome immune boosters. Explore our online health food store now for more natural, organic, and healthy products that are guaranteed safe and superior in quality.

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