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Foot Patches encourages a detox in the body

Your feet go through a lot of stress and strain over the course of each day, especially if you have a job or go to school where you need to walk around for the majority of your workday. Because your feet are always withstanding the pressure of your body, they can easily become dry and begin splitting, and when you have a build-up of skin (a callous) this type of splitting can lead to infections and other serious injuries.

In order to show your feet the respect they deserve for bearing the weight of your body for the majority of the day, it is important that you take care of your feet by detoxing your skin and giving it a break from all of the bacteria and stress that it keeps out of your body. In order to provide you with a method of detoxing your body and feet, Happy Feet detox foot patches were created just for people like you.

Helps Fatigue and a Feeling of Wellbeing

Unlike many other forms of detoxing the body, Happy Feet detox foot patches are completely non-invasive, and can be worn overnight in order to warm and stimulate the skin on the bottom of your feet while you sleep. This helps to draw out many of the toxins and other dirt and bacteria that is in the pores of your skin, as well as the rest of your body. Because there are so many chemicals that we ingest every day, even when eating healthy, your body builds up toxins that can slow down your immune system and take away the much needed energy that you spend over the course of each day.

Patches worn on the feet have been used as a form of detox for many years, as far back as 500 years in China. In fact, much of Chinese medicine is based on working with the feet, as the feet are seen as the second heart of the body. Based on the teachings of Eastern medicine which says that toxins are drawn away from the heart toward the extremities, these Happy Feet detox foot patches stimulate the areas where toxins are most built up.

Cleanse your body with Detox Foot Patches

Happy Feet detox foot patches are very easy to use. Simply place a patch on each foot before you sleep, and allow them to work over the course of the night. In the morning, simply remove the patch, and dispose of it in a trash can. The first night, the Happy Feet detox foot patch may be almost completely black from the toxins that have been drawn out, but over the course of treatment, the patches will begin to appear cleaner every morning.

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