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Use Ear Candles to Cleanse your Ears

Happy Ears Ear Candles are the perfect solutions for anyone with clogged ears. Unlike using a q-tip that can harm your eardrums or push the earwax even further into your ear, ear candles will reach deeply into your ear canal and clean out all of the wax without harming your ear or eardrum in any way. Happy Ears is a line of products that provides customers with incredibly high quality ear candles that use all-natural ingredients and burn down within 20 minutes, This means that unlike many ear candles that contain ingredients that are not released, you know exactly what you are putting into your ears, and you will not have to take all day in order to clear your ears of all of the wax that has built up over time. This alternative is a completely safe alternative to other methods of cleaning your ears and removing ear wax.

Remove Ear Wax from Your Clogged Ears

How it Works

The person who is using the Happy Ears ear candle will lay on his or her side, while someone else gently places the candle into the ear. When the Happy Ears candle is lit, the ear canal will completely fill with warm air which will help to loosen up any earwax in the ear. The heat that fills the ear canal also helps to increase the flow of blood in the ear, which allows you to relax and keep calm during the 15 to 20 minutes process. In order to protect your ear canal and ear drum, propoli vapors in the candle wax will coat your ear, and completely protect your ear from any heat or damage that could occur.

Rid Moisture from your Ears

Once the ear has been filled with warm air, the Happy Ears candle that is burning will begin to create a vacuum within the ear canal that helps to remove any moisture or wax that has built up. In addition to wax, anything else that is lodged inside the ear will also be drawn out from the ear canal, resulting in a much cleaner, much healthier ear canal.

Happy Ears is your solution for any stuffy ears, and can be used after flying, after any type of swimming, after showers, or after any other situation in which your ears become moist and clogged. Happy Ears ear candles only use all natural 100% beeswax, so you can rest assured that no other harmful chemicals are used in the candles, and your ears can feel clean and happy!

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