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Fish 4 Ever have been in the global fishing industry since 2002 and since then, their aim is to provide quality fish using sustainable fishing methods. This is to imply that the fish should not be trapped in large quantities that will make them unavailable for future generation. Due to this, Fish 4 Ever has minded the fishermen, the canning industries as well as the preservation of the environment while they do their fishing.

Fish 4 Ever are global experts in canning various types of exotic and high value fish. These include tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel and the herring. The salmon for instance have very many health benefits and it has been used in the development of various medications.

Health Benefits from Fish 4 Ever

  • Source of omega 3 fatty acids – salmon is not only a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids but also a source of other vitamins such as A, B, and D and it also rich in elements such as calcium, iron, and selenium. Omega 3 is very crucial in improving the functioning of the brain as well as improving memory.
  • Bone health – salmon fish is rich in calcitonin which is essential in increasing the bone density and making the bones much stronger. This helps in preventing diseases such as arthritis as well as joint pains.
  • Cardiovascular health – Salmon fish has anti-inflammatory properties which are important in preventing the arteries from getting blocked as well are reducing the chances of heart diseases such as hypertension and heart attack.
  • Better sleep – for those suffering from lack of sleep, salmon has a natural sedative called tryptophan which causes relaxation hence promoting better sleep.

Improve your Cardiovascular health with Fish 4 Ever

Other than the canned fish products, Fish 4 Ever have also developed a number of fish recipes that are healthy are really easy to implement. For instance, the sardine spaghetti recipe can be very tempting. This is prepared using organico spaghetti where after the spaghetti is well cooked, it is combined with the sardines. But if you have no love for pasta or spaghetti, then you can try the spicy salmon bahjis or you can decide to make the tuna salad nicoise. The Tuna salad nicoise is basically a combination of yellow tuna in oil, tomatoes, boiled eggs, organic olives and potatoes. This is prepared as you would prepare any other salad but you have to be careful with the dressing, lest you ruin everything.

There are several recipes that can be made from Fish 4 Ever products. Also, there are different kinds of canned fish products by Fish 4 Ever. In order to find out more about their products, be sure to browse through the product categories.

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