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High Level Production Standards on EM Super Foods

EM Super Foods promises high quality products devoid of pesticides, fillers, contaminants, solvents or any other form of genetically modification. Among the notable brand of EM Super Foods are the nopal flour and the nopal powder. These are obtained directly from farmers in Mexico and they are widely celebrated by the Mexicans for their medicinal as well as nutritional prowess. This low glycerin whole food contains a blend of minerals, vitamins, and ten essentials amino acids. There is adequate scientific proof that the nopal plant is indeed a super food. Some of the health benefits of nopal plants are cancer prevention, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar control, amongst other various dietary uses.

No Pesticides, Contaminants, Solvents or Fillers in EM Super Foods

Chia Seeds is the other product offered by EM Super Foods. This seed is imported from farmers in Southern Mexico and it is grown in extreme high altitudes in order to get the right quality. Unlike other seeds, Chia seeds do not require any special treatment for storage purposes and due to this reason it can be stored for a relatively long period of time. Besides, its low sodium content with a high concentration of antioxidants helps to store it for a prolonged period of time.

Some health benefits of chia seeds are-:

  • They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are responsible for easing inflammation, reducing the levels of cholesterol besides increasing cognitive performance.
  • The seeds are an excellent source of fiber and as such, they are suitable in enhancing bowel functions.
  • They help in lowering the cravings for food between meals. This is due to the seeds ability to make you feel as if you are full and this can be essentially in weight management.
  • Chia seeds are also known to play a crucial role in the regulation of blood sugar levels.

They have the ability to reduce the resistance to insulin in the body leading to a decrease in its levels within the body.

Good Source High Antioxidants - EM Super Foods

Hull Hemp Seeds also make it as one of the super foods provided by EM Super Foods. The hemp has been around for a number of years and it can be used for making various items such as textile, oil, fiber, ropes and in some cases, it can be used to produce fuel. However, some countries like Australia prohibit the use of hemp products for human consumption though it can be used for making cosmetics.

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