Deer Swedish Bitters

A Dose of Good Health

Do you often experience digestive issues such as formation of gas, slow digestion of food and upset stomach? Are you looking for a natural and potent remedy that can help you enjoy optimal digestive health and greater energy in the body? If yes, then Deer Swedish bitters are the most reliable solution for you!

Wondering what Deer Swedish bitters is and what it can do for your overall health? Read on to find out the miracles of Swedish Bitters and how you can experience great digestive health and bodily energy in an all natural manner, without having to resort to chemical medications.

Age Old Trusted Recipe of Good Health

Deer Swedish Bitters is an all-natural herbal tonic made using an old and trusted German recipe for increasing digestive secretions so that the food can be digested more effectively and a person may experience desirable digestive health and higher levels of energy. This magical natural elixir contains powerful herbs and active ingredients which may help in detoxification and cleansing of blood, enhancement of liver function, toning of intestines, removal of infections from the digestive system, stimulation of gastric secretion for faster digestion, increase of bilary secretion for better movement of food through digestive tract, restoration of desired pH levels inside the digestive system and relaxation of digestive pathway.

By acting as a digestion enhancer and blood purifier, Deer Swedish bitters not only helps promote increased digestive health but also better generation of energy in the body as food is the primary energy source for bodily functions.

All Natural and Beneficial Ingredients

Deer Swedish Bitters is made from mighty herbal ingredients. The active ingredient of this beneficial natural tonic is aloe which is a great laxative. Other significant ingredients include extracts of calendula, juniperus communis fruit, Thymus flower, urtica dioca leaf, cassia senna pods, Achillea millefolium herb, Equisetum arvense herb, Taraxacum officinale root and Rosa canina fruit, all of which are known to help stimulate digestive function, promote digestive secretions and cause detoxification of blood.

Free from chemicals and made from 100% natural ingredients, Deer Swedish bitters can be taken by children and elderly alike. Even if you do not suffer from any digestive problem, you can consume Swedish Bitters to help maintain excellent digestive health and help prevent any probable digestive disorder. After all, prevention is better than cure!

Dosage Directions
Dosage varies depending upon age. While those above 15 years of age are recommended a dosage of 5 ml, 4 times a day, young children above 6 years of age should take a dose of 5 ml of this tonic 2 times a day. Lactating mothers, pregnant women and children below 6 years of age need doctor’s consultation.

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