Look after your Health with Chimes Ginger Chews

Chimes ginger chews are a delightfully spicy treat full of bold ginger flavor, but at the same time, they are just sweet enough. In so many situations, Chimes’ refreshing ginger chews are just what you need. They can freshen your breath, settle your stomach, or perk you up when you are low on energy.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger root deserves its reputation as a super-food. It is one of the precious products of the fabled Spice Islands that motivated European rulers in the 15th and 16th centuries to look for westward sea routes to obtain these delicious, healing spices. It is a prized ingredient in savory and sweet dishes in many world cuisines. It is a popular home remedy for nausea and other digestive ailments. Medical research is exploring the properties of ginger that are effective against pain, infection, and other ailments.

The Special Ingredient in Chimes Ginger Chews

The ginger in Chimes ginger chews is not just any ginger. It grows on the island of Java in Indonesia, which was previously part of the famous Spice Islands. It grows in soil enriched by the minerals deposited by the volcanic eruptions of Mt. Bromo. The original Chimes ginger chews were made at a café near Mt. Bromo; the family that owned the café learned the recipe from a local practitioner of traditional medicine. They have distributed the ginger chews, using the same recipe, since 1935. The only difference is that now they sell them all around the world, not only in a small local café.

Expanding the Family of Chimes Products

Today, to suit the wide ranging tastes of an international audience, Chimes offers ginger chews in a variety of flavors, in addition to the original flavor, which just tastes of ginger and just the right amount of sugar. The currently available flavours of Chimes ginger chews are original, mango, orange, peanut butter, and peppermint. If you find the taste of pure ginger overwhelming, you may prefer to taste one of the other flavors, which gives you a less intense ginger taste but still all the health benefits of ginger.

Besides ginger chews, Chimes also sells crystallized organic ginger and dried Thai mangoes. They also sell rice products, including short grain brown rice. Chimes Thai jasmine rice trio includes jasmine rice, red rice, and black rice. Chimes 5 grain mix includes the above ingredients in addition to barley and oats.

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