Australian Supergrass

Australian Super Grass - The Green Nutrition

Super foods have earned their position by having high nutritional value. These nutrients help to improve the immune system, increases the energy levels and keep the body healthy. There are various super foods available in the market today, one of the main green superfoods available in the Australian market is Supergrass.

Australian supergrass is made using 100% organic young leaf of Barley Grass, Wheat Grass and Alfalfa Grass. The clean grass lands where this grass is grown are certified organic by National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. When combined these 3 ingredients gives perfect nutrient in one blend to energise, alkalise and nourish the body. This nutrient is perfectly organic in nature and offers variety of benefits. Australian Supergrass helps the body to alkalise, nourish and energise the body.

Full of Nutrients High in Alkalinity

This Australian Supergrass nutrient is dried under a low temperature drying technology and then is packaged into recyclable glass and metal packaging. It is available in two forms, powder and capsules.

Some of the Features of Australian Super Grass are:

• No Gluten • No artificial flavours • No chemicals • No Pesticides • Organic Ingredients • Dairy Free • GMO Free • Suitable for vegetarian • Kosher

Increase your Energy and Stamina

Australian Supergrass is available from the Natural Health Organics online store. This is the perfect Alkalising blend full of nutrients and packed in recyclable glass bottle. The manufactures have packed this in their unique protective LOCTEC packaging system, eliminating oxygen from the container packed.

The Benefits of the Australian SuperGrass are as Follows:

1. Helps the body to function properly
2. Perfect blend of the all ingredients needed for nutrition of the body
3. Wider spectrum of organic nutrients

The Supergrass is 100% natural product that helps the individuals get full benefit of all the natural ingredients. This product also helps to enhance the energy and stamina when consumed. There are no side effects of taking this nutrient. This is one of the super foods that people can trust, as it is organic in nature which makes it one of the better super foods available in the market today.

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