Absolute Red

The Miracle Superfood which Enhances Life Itself

The Absolute Red powders of wolfberry, are not all like the ones sold commonly in the market. It consists of the most fresh, genuine and high levels of goji and superfruit product. Absolute Red Ninxia products are produced from superior variety of berries which are mostly found in the ZhongNing Valley which is located on the northern part of Central China. This region is renowned for its wolfberries and is known as the home of goji berries. This Red powder consists of 100% pure and pressed goju berry and it is sold in the form of freeze dried powder.

The Different Varieties of Goji

There are various kinds of goju products available in the market. Some of them are diluted with water, while some are mixed with other reconstituted juices like grapes and pears. However, Absolute Red Ninxia is the only pure freeze dried powder of 100% goji berries. It is as natural as eating the whole fruit itself. Absolute Red uses the best variety of wolfberry, it also uses the highest grade of gojis. There are four grades of this fruit. The cold pressed goji does not lose any of its nutrients unlike the other varieties found in the market.

Benefits of Wolfberry

The Chinese have been eating goji for thousands of years for its overall health benefits and its anti aging properties. There are 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals along with vitamins, 27 fatty acids, making it the highest antioxidant super supplement in the world. It is is known to be the most effective health drink among the others. Wolfberry, the super food is known to support various systems in the body with its rich source of nutrients. It is a good tonic for the heart and protects DNA. The freezed dried powder of goji contains high levels of flavanoids, carotenoids and anthocyanidins which are known to absorb free radicals and to strengthen collagen. According to the tests done on this product, it has been found that Absolute Red Ningxia is synergized. Wolfberry offers great support to the immune system and reduces inflammation too. It greatly regulates the insulin system of our body and helps in protecting the liver.
The farm which produces the wolfberries of Absolute Red products conforms to the Organic Food Production Standard and does not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, sulfites, dyes or heavy metals. The products are processed with Nutriguard method which protects the nutrients of the fruit. For overall health and anti aging, Absolute Ninxia is the right health product to take.

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